Friday, January 27, 2006

Now Listen To Me

The National Film Theatre have been running a Michael Caine season this month, the amazing 'Sleuth' with Caine and Laurence Olivier being a standout but also I have been revelling in the opportunity of seeing all three Harry Palmer films. Is it me or does 'Billion Dollar Brain' seem less ridiculous on the big screen rather than TV?.
'The Ipcress File' has been remastered and was released last week on DVD (I believe the OST is also part of the package on CD but dont quote me on it).

Also I notice that Robert Altman's classic 'McCabe & Mrs Miller' is available on DVD for the bargain price of a fiver in some places. Stars Warren Beatty & Julie Christie and has a great Leonard Cohen soundtrack.

For ethical shoppers and eco nerds check out footwear by and for snow obsessives Arbor Snowboards range of boards constructed from ecologically sound materials.

Following Beck's last album 'Guero' comes the remix album 'Guerolito', the remixes by Boards of Canada, Air and Dizzee Rascal are well worth a listen and strangely the mixes seemed to highlight a strength in Becks voice I had not noticed until now. A Radio Rebelde classic to be.

Two art shows come thoroughly recommended On Kingsland Road The 17 Gallery is showing a series of mini garden type environments by the artist Tony Heywood. In bell jars sit collections of mini landscapes of Cactus, wax, hair, coral, mould and other bizarre materials.
If you want to see work similar to that of Dan Flavin the Bloomberg Space on Finsbury Square has collected the works of 8 artists using electric light, of particular note is the installation of colour changing LED's in flourescent tubes by Leo Villareal.


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