Saturday, September 23, 2006

Designers Block

This weekend at the Nicholls and Clarke Buildings on Shoreditch High Street was the design fair called Designers Block. A large variety of young designers creating weird and wonderful products and using varying styles were invited to showcase their designs and products for sale or just to promote their practice during this months London Design Festival.
Back for a second year were hulger with their adapted classic style telephone handsets that can be used by plugging in to your mobile phone, not only do they look retro they mean you can save yourself from some brain irradiation.
Freshwest Design brought their one-off furniture items and ceramics all the way from Pembrokeshire, particularly impressive was their oval dining table that looked like an old classic wooden surfboard, heavily varnished with a mixture of dark and light woods.
DIY Kyoto were showcasing their environmentally conscious Wattson, the Wattson is a subtle, clean looking, stylish box that can tell you through a glowing display just how much electricity you are consuming at any given time in your home, either in watts or in the amount of money per year you will be paying in bills for the current usage. Only the heavily eco conscious would buy this for their home but perhaps businesses could use this simple gadget to monitor electricity consumption to see what impact their energy consumption is having, apparently it can be set up to create an alarm when hideous amounts of energy are being used.
An energy blasting but nonetheless impressive gadget was the prototype of the oculas, this fibreglass egg shape pod is the ultimate loft dwelling city boy gadget, at a projected cost of £25,000 you can lounge inside, press a button and enclose yourself in the pod whilst accessing a multimedia unit with mouse controls. Films, playstation, music, whatever you like can be accessed through the screen inside the pod. Or if you live in a particularly busy or raucous housesharing situation you could just hide from housemates by closing the lid, plugging in your headphones and hiding from the nasty world outside.
Just don’t let your housemates connect a wattson to your oculas pod or the £25,000 could be just the tip of the iceberg.


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