Monday, February 05, 2007


Have you seen him?, I have. I know he is notoriously secretive but hiding in a tunnel near the Westway seems a bit extreme. I am not sure he was there by choice in an abandoned kiosk surrounded by bits and bobs stood dead still. He ignored me, as usual he didn't say a word but I knew it was him when I saw him in a variety of guises on posters along the tunnel.

No doubt you will hear of his presence, of his secretive tours around galleries in the East End but don’t be fooled, he was underground in that subway near Edgware Road. He's gone from his temporary West London lair, you can be sure that wherever he now is he’ll also be lurking in the mind of some artist somewhere.

Whether it’s lurking under Edgware Road or in an artists dreams or maybe a chance glance of him scuttling that small distance between the gallery exit and the taxi that whisks him away you may feel, as I do, that there is something not quite real about him, whichever guise he may take in your imagination.


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