Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Selection 2007

Radio Rebelde’s Sounds of Now and Not Quite Now-Summer 2007

1.Justin Martin-The Sad Piano (Jimpster Remix) (2007 VA-‘Buzzin’ Fly Volume 4’, Buzzin’ Fly Records)
2.Noro Morales-Saona (Gilles Peterson Remix) (2007 12”, Fania Records)
3.Mombasa-Nairobi (2006 (1975) ‘african rythms & blues’, Sonorama Records)
4.Block 16 ft Jon Lucien-Morning Sun (Pepe Bradock’s Dub Vocals and Beats Mix) (2001 12”, Nuphonic)
5.Marcina Arnold-Forefathers (2007 VA-‘Brownswood Bubblers 2’, Brownswood Recordings)
6.Wamdue Kids-Dreams (1995 12”, ‘Deep Dreams EP’, Acacia Records)
7.Patrick Pulsinger ft G-Rizo-Try to Do (2006 12”, ‘Utopia Parkway EP’, Compost Black Label)
8.Francisco Mora Catlett-Amazonia (2004 12”, Kindred Spirits)
9.Tribe-What We Need (1996 VA-‘Message From The Tribe’, Universal Sound/Soul Jazz)
10.Build An Ark-Door Of The Cosmos Take 1 (Exclusive 12” mix) (2003 12”, ‘Peace With Every Step Album Sampler’, Kindred Spirits)


Blogger kareem said...

Is it possible for you to post up a link to that summer selection 2007 post? I have been looking for that block 16 remix for YEARS now

12:44 am  
Blogger golgonooza said...

Hi Kareem
Unfortunately I cant post a link but I did a UK search and found this www.netsoundsmusic.com/nudsil/2/302987379/904/2.html.
Dont know how reliable the seller is but it might be worth checking it out.
Glad you like the music.

9:50 am  

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