Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Golgonooza Scrapbook

Changes are happening to this blog, for 4 years I have worked on this blog with varying intensity and my intention is to continue to use the Golgonooza blog as the focus for my art writings. However some of the other aspects of the blog such as recommendations for exhibtions in the form of invites and the other more scattered entries of films, music and images of artworks and other finds are now going to be switched to The Golgonooza Scrapbook. The Golgonooza Scrapbook will have increased postings of these types of entries and also links to other stuff too and Gologonooza will continue to be the host for my exhibition reviews and other art writing, I hope those of you who are following this blog will continue to enjoy my writing and take a look at The Scrapbook too.


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