Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fork Handles

In the basement under William Hills bookies on Charlotte Street is the independently run Nancy Victor Gallery. The gallery shows a variety of artists and projects, this small space is best described as leftfield in its curating policy. A previous show had a life sized waxwork of Charles Saatchi in a pose that showed him, well, "throwing his toys out of the pram" I think is the phrase.
The current show, "Who’s Future Is It Anyway?" was instigated by the artist John Logan, inspired by the spaceship Ziggy, celebrity passengers on the spacecraft were invited to fill a small bag or suitcase with items that mattered most to them and best reflected The Earth as they saw it.
The show features small polaroids mounted on a foam backing annotated by the invited ‘passengers’.
Despite an ‘arty and clever’ effort by Sarah Lucas and a couple of other egotistical attempts at humour, the most pleasing exhibitors are those who bring an honest insight into their personality.
The lightest travelling passenger is the practically minded Mark Lamarr with his solitary pack of wetwipes. Suggs will be taking Mr Pie his cat and ‘lots of fabulous things, some upside down’.
Professor Paul Driscoll would like to take tubes of evocative smells from his past in gas form include the smell of his wife and kids, fried bacon and the smell of his old school and unversities musty changing rooms. Most charming is the funny but very genuine choices of elderly and partially sighted and deaf Margaret Jones who will take her slippers, germolene, some cuppa soups and most importantly, fork handles (4 Candles).
The final question before the departure of this show on April 5th is whether Bez’s effects will ever be released from customs where they currently reside.

I have a group of broadminded, music loving, friends whose listening tastes I loosely describe as Radio Rebelde. Influenced heavily by myself and H, our man in Dusseldorf, this is the latest selection in chart form (Guys and their ‘High Fidelity’ lists eh!).
Radio Rebelde’s Sounds of Now and Not Quite Now-Spring 2006
1.Massive Attack & Terry Callier-Live With Me (2006 Single)
2.Zawose & Brook-Haliko Chijende/Let’s Walk (2001 from ‘Assembly’, Real World Records)
3.Roy Ayers-Third Time (Viktor Duplaix Remix) (2006 ‘Roy Ayers Virgin Ubiquity Remixed’, BBE)
4.Abbey Lincoln-Lonely House (1959 ‘Abbey Is Blue’, Original Jazz Classics)
5.Stan Tracey-Under Milk Wood (‘Jazz Suite inspired by Dylan Thomas’, Jazzizit)
6.Toumani Diabate-Mali Sojio (1994 VA-‘Songhai 2’, Rykodisc)
7.Oliver Nelson-Stolen Moments (Telefon Tel-Aviv Remix) (2005 VA-‘Impulsive!’, Impulse)
8.Calexico-Hot Rail (2000 ‘Hot Rail’, City Slang)
9.Darondo-Didn’t I (2005 VA-‘Gilles Peterson Digs America!’, Ubiquity)
10.Seu Jorge-Life On Mars? (2004 OST-‘The Life Aquatic…’, Hollywood)


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