Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Trash Vortex at Hackney Wicked

TangentProjects presents

The Trash Vortex

Friday 31st July, Saturday 1st August & Sunday 2nd 2009
at various sites across Hackney Wick & Fish Island
(Installation Performance by Danny Pockets & The Universal Racket Press, Fri 31st 6-9pm)

Curated by Steve Smith

Featured Artists:
Karen Ay
Claire Blundell Jones
Forge & Cutter
Russell Herron
Helene Kazan
Georgie Manly
Stuart Murray
Danny Pockets

In the central areas of the Pacific sea circulating currents deposit and contain an increasing collection of sea-bound detritus, a massive floating island of discarded plastic collects in the eye of these currents, this phenomenon is known as “The Trash Vortex”. It is from ripples of insignificant and complacent individual actions to its eventual collective global significance during the Hackney Wicked Festival and at various sites across Hackney Wick and Fish Island that the artists in the exhibition “The Trash Vortex” explore where the insignificant, throwaway and complacent may foretell massive events and actions.

Ripples become currents and currents have the power to drag the small and insignificant into their orbit and create a mass of great power and significance.

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