Thursday, June 01, 2006

eek! oh..

I’ve been away for some time now travelling from the Alps to the Pyrenees and seeing the end of Winter move into Spring and then Summer only to return back to Spring coming back to London.

Back to London life and I notice everyone has gone eco mad and about time too. From the Crafts Council's Eco fashion exhibition to wall to wall coverage of global warming research on the BBC.
The recent British Antarctic survey invited a handful of artists to accompany the scientists and produce pieces based on their experiences. Layla Curtis has produced a series of GPS drawings of her journeys whilst with the survey, these drawings are simple red traces on white paper, I have seen this method used before for drawing a record of a journey but despite, or maybe because of, the simplicity of the rendering it always draws me in. Very compulsive viewing, the drawings can be seen at Gimpel Fils lower gallery at 30 Davies Street .

At the Barbican’s Curve gallery Tomas Saraceno’s speeded up panoramic video of Salar de Uyuni salt lake in Bolvia. Another very simple show but the sound of the wind and elements, the changing light and weather conditions provide a captivating spectacle. Any artist portraying the real world in this way is always going to struggle to convey this when the real thing is so much more spectacular. As a frequent visitor to the mountains in winter I can vouch for the ferocity and harshness that the world can offer but Saraceno grabbed my attention and held it with this show. On my visit, several others were also captured by the spectacle.

Also of note is Thomas Ruff's Sterne photos at Ben Brown, Cork Street.

A final recommendation is to grab a copy of ‘Exit Music-Songs for Radio Heads’. Album of the year so far, never an easy task for a compilation.


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